Friday, February 12, 2010

Works in Progress: Wedding edition

It was about the time that we were 90% moved in. I should have been thinking "wow, so close let me just go through these boxes and put some of these clothes away for winter storage and we'll be good to go! Instead I thought, "Gosh, I should really start working on some of the projects I want to do for the wedding!"

And so I did was was fun and not necessarily the most logical. Here are all the projects that are currently laying around the house. Most are in the "let's figure out how to do this" stage.

1) Crocheted shrug to wear with my wedding dress. If it's cold I'm not wearing a sleeveless dress or I won't remember a damn thing.
2) Painted clothespins. These are useful for everything and I intend to use them as favors. It just occurred to me a few days ago: stamps!
3) Flower girl purses. I spend all day yesterday (yes, played hooky from work) to figure out how to make one of these. I wasted lots of fabric, but I think I'm happy now. Just need to mass produce.
4) Ring bearer ties. Little boys in matching ties!! Still working on a simple process.
5) Cloth-covered tile coasters. Just finished my 2nd coat of polycrilic. Why did I used that instead of polyurethane? No idea. It's what we bought when Ellie and I started this same project two years ago.

I'd take pictures for you, but the camera is currently full from the engagement photo shoot the Manfriend and I had this morning.

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