Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dress Part Dos

I think I might just be able to start enjoying this wedding planning now. Hopefully all the stressful bits are out of the way:
1) The date and location
2) The silly, white, wear-once dress

Oh yea, and finding the whole groom part. That pretty much sucked.

So, to wrap up the whole dress dilemma. I went to David's on Friday determined to just scope it out and not want to buy any of them. Well I tried on something like 8 dresses with the help of a very nice "consultant." Well wouldn't you know I actually liked one. It is $500 and I would cut the train off and remove the tulle from underneath.

And then all I could think was that I really don't want to go through this again. Especially if all the rest of the local dress shops don't even carry my size and only have dresses at much crazier prices. And it would be too much effort to look at shops in Minneapolis or Denver.

Having a beautiful dress under consideration, I moved onto bridesmaids dresses. And somewhere on the David's site I found a well-hidden link for the "little white dress." And wouldn't you know there is a dress that is SO similar to the $500 dress I'd found but without the train and without the tulle poofiness. And only $200. I went back to David's today and tried on the bridesmaids version of it. I found it sufficient and it should arrive in a week!

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