Friday, January 29, 2010

Starting off Year Three

Just three years ago yesterday I was walking into Austin Java, nervous and not anticipating anything good to come out of a date with a man I'd been emailing for two weeks.

And look at us now! Living in sin and about to get married. I do not think Jaelea is crazy about this arrangement as she now likes to sleep on a little side bed I set up next to me. Previously we were cuddlers.

It's funny to me that it only occurred to me to celebrate the date we met when I was looking through Manfriend's google calendar about six months into the relationship (I was not snooping! We were trying to plan a trip.) and I noticed that he has "First date with Jamie" entered on Jan. 28.

This year I asked if he would plan something for us to do Thursday night and he happily did. He even made it a total surprise and just told me what bus to catch and where to meet him downtown and what to wear. It was a tad annoying when we were walking down these dark blocks and he says, "Hmmm, I thought it was on that block" and of course I can't even help locate us because I don't even know where we're going! But then he found it and it was fantastic. One of those fancy Italian places with no meal less than $15. But the gnocci I had was totally worth it. And the wine was modest: Smoking Loon, which I've bought from stores for under $10. I like to make him pick the wine and I think he likes that, too.

And now that we're splitting everything 50/50 via PayPal at the end of the month (basically I wire him whatever he tells me I owe him), I never have to pay for a date again! How nice to feel taken care of.

After the meal he checks the time and seems frustrated that we have too much time to the next event. Next event!?? Whoo hoo! So we had the yummiest chocolate hazelnut mousse.

And then he led me to Temple Square. And holy crap, we were going to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearse!!! It was so amazing that I had to hold back tears during Danny Boy. I guess I've done enough choral singing that I can truly appreciate how fantastic they are. And to be able to hear their awesome director teach them how to say the vowels slightly different...well, it was the best ever. And it was free, so bonus.

Finding a bus home proved to be a teeny tiny problem because somebody's computer didn't cooperate. But fortunately that same someone has a pretty good memory so there wasn't too much waiting outside for the next bus.

Oh and did I mention that he'd sent me flowers earlier in the day!? They are beautiful.

Anyway, come back for pictures once I finally get my act together.

It was a fantastic day.

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